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In today’s video, we are discussing the importance of being pre-approved. It is so crucial in today’s tight market to have your financial affairs in order when buying a home. This is because if you find a home that you really like and want to make an offer, frankly, that offer is not even going to be considered unless you are pre-approved for a loan.

We like to talk about this early on with our buyer clients, and help them get ready to jump on a home if they see something they like. You may be thinking, “well, that’s all well and good Kara, but what if I don’t have a lender?”

Well, let me tell you: you can save thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache by working with a lender that we actually know, like, and trust. We work with about 3 consistently; these people take really good care of our clients. They have very competitive interest rates (that can save you thousands right there), they can help you figure out closings costs and other important items, and they will care about you every step of the way, which is worth quite a bit, because you need to know: how likely are they to get the loan closed? Are they hard to reach? Do they have a team in place to service me and answer my questions? Do they work well with my realtor?

So, if you need a good lender, we would be more than happy to recommend someone that we know, like, and trust! Feel free to give us a call any time.