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Understanding how to price your home is very important for the sale of your home. Here’s how I accomplish finding the right price for your home.

The Whole Picture

Some agents just use one avenue to price a home. I use three.

  • Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) – Look at homes that have sold over the last six months in your area

  • Forecast – Look at the season and the market over the next few months

  • Active Listings – Look at the current competition

This three-pronged approach helps me to price your home correctly

Great Ratios

By using this approach, I have a great ratio of over 100% list price to sale price. This makes my sellers happy because there is no stress.

My ratios are based on pricing, but also on great marketing. In fact, just recently, I had a home sell on the first day.

If you are planning to sell your home, give me a call. I work hard to find the perfect price that will make your home sell quickly and for top dollar.